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 In Game Rules

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PostSubject: In Game Rules   Sat May 25, 2013 11:58 am

Game Rules:

1. Do not insult any staff member and other players.
2. Do not scam or trick people.
3. Do not buy or sell accounts.
4. Do not disturb members of staff without reason. ( Asking for enhancing weapons, giving items, helping with caves and so on. )
5. Do not use unappropriate language on World chat.
6. Do not advertise of other private servers.
7. Do not spam chats.
8. Do not annoy other players (Spamming them with trades, team and duel invitations etc.)
9. Do not buy item from other player using real money.
10. Do not ask for events. Events will be made by staff everyday when they choose to.


1. Depending on the deagree of insulting decided by staff. The punishment is 5 minutes - permanent mute.
2. Depends of the situation. The punishment is mute or ban 30 minutes - permanent.
3. Buying or selling accounts is strictly forbidden. The punishment is 1 year ban.
4. Depending on how u disturb staff. The punishment is mute or ban 5 minutes - 2 weeks.
5. Depending on the things being said. The punishment is mute 5 minutes - 6 months.
6. Advising to other servers. The punishment is permanent ban.
7. Depending on the amount of spam. The punishment is 5 minutes - 24 hours.
8. Depending on how you annoy other players the punishment is mute or ban 5 minutes - 6 hours.
9. We are not liable for such items.
10. If you ask for event multiple times you will be muted.

LOF Team
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In Game Rules
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