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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:40 pm

Welcome to our beloved League of Fighters Community!
In order to create a bonded and enjoyable community for everyone,
Please take a few minutes of your time to read and understand thoroughly the following Forum Rules.It's up to you whether you read it or not but beware that innocence of the rules does not mean that you are spared or excused of the punishment upon acting against it.
These rules are used for the forum only.
Please read also our in-game rules and staffs rules to understand more.
Thank You,
League of Fighters Staffs

League of Fighters Forum Rules

1) League of Fighter forum is an open community and free to join.It serves as the game's social site.With regards for being our game community does not mean that you will use it to disturb other players or users.Do not use derogatory, accusatory, harassing, irritating, and/or provoking language.Do not express yourself through inappropriate or cussing words.Avoid trash talks upon other users.With no exception, avoid discussions base on matter of sex, race, religions or ethnic backgrounds. If you can't follow this rule you will be warned or infracted accordingly.

2) If you need to report a user, abuser, hacker, cheater, scammer, or any person that breaks the rules either in-game or in-forums, please do so accordingly in the Community Support(HelpDesk), and follow the reporting guidelines included in the section. Do not use any other Section. Do not act out of anger and harass or insult the reported person. Respect the staff's evaluation and decision at all times. If you want to appeal the ruling, you may do so by submitting new evidence through PM to whoever is handling the case. LOF Staff will punish any kind of biased, fraudulent, or dishonest reports either by infraction, temporary, or permanent ban.

3) If you need to contact one specific person and just that person, please do so by Private Message (PM). A PM does not mean that you may bypass Rule # 1. Do not create a thread, or post in that person's thread with the intent of contact; PM the person, you will save yourself time and an infraction. In addition, PMs are, like its name state, private by all means. You may not publicly post a received PM unless permission is given by the sender.

a.Marketing of any product with the intent to buy or sell in cash form is prohibited, for any type of cash transaction is illegal to conduct through forums. LOF Forum is intended for leisure, LOF game discussions and entertainment.
b.Advertising other games unrelated to LOF is also prohibited and will cause:
* The first offense is a two months banned from the forum.
* The second offense is a permanent banned.

Furthermore, advertising of other Talisman networks services, servers, forums, or related is strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in an automatic permanent ban from forums.

c.You may however, create threads and discuss or review about games unrelated to LOF; do so in the Other Games Section. Product review maybe conducted in any ways as long as there is no link will be given to redirect forum users to another website. If you do so, product review will be automatically closed, links will be deleted and warning will be receive from the forum authority.

5) Impersonation, or misrepresentation of any user, either staff member or not, and regardless the intent to benefit from it or not, is illegal under this rules. You will be banned permanently for taking upon this action.

6) Abusing your posting power is not allowed, and is called spamming. There are many ways to spam, and in order to avoid any problems please follow the next:

* Do not just think of post-count, think of post-quality. Remember that what you say is more important than how many times you can say stuff. Further, post-count doesn't make you more important; important words make you important.

* Post accordingly to a thread's topic, and stay on topic by all means possible. If your post is off-topic, you will be warned. If you continue with this posting behavior you will be infracted for spamming the forums.

* Post as needed! Double and plus posting, posting back to back, power-posting, and bumping are considered as spam. You will be infracted accordingly for posting in such manner.

* Do not irritate users. Spamming (or any other type of abuse of) a user's Visitor Messages is prohibited. Warnings and/or Infractions will be assessed when needed.

* Bumping thread which has been inactive over a 4 weeks period is NOT allowed either, since the issues or discussions had long expired on them.

7) Please show ultimate respect to the game staffs.LOF staffs and all it's members voluntarily work in servicing this community,providing guides and enjoyment for free.Any sign of disrespect to any of them will be punished accordingly. If you have a disagreement with any of them, you are more than welcome to discuss such by PM with the person. If you don't wish to do so, or can't sort things out, you can also refer to the GM.If you do not wish to speak to the GMs, contact the Administrators directly.

8)Do not use offensive words.Every usage of offensive words or anything related to a bad behavior will be given a warning.At 2 warnings,you will be banned for 2 weeks and/or can be banned permanently of the forum depends on how grave the situation was.This rules works on all kinds of posts.

9) Posting inappropriate materials is strictly prohibited in any part of the forum(Take note that there are players who are minors and it is not good for them at their state or age), or used as Avatar,Signature,and/or other profile image. This includes any gruesome, pornographic substance, female figure that has uncovered the areas of genitals/breasts/bottom or male figure that has uncovered the areas of genitals/bottom, and anything deemed unsuitable for this community forum. At any rate, failure to abide with this will be given a warning/infraction or an immediate ban of 1 - 3 months depending on the level of obscenity.

*Furthermore,Any kind of advertisement, promotion or other positive influence to illegal or/and harmful substances is not allowed. The forum's members are in majority teenagers and easily influenced so simply avoid talking about drinks, smoking and especially drugs.

10)With regards to the LOF Game Rules; the LOF Trade Center Section is here for you to use so long as you obey, and follow both the LOF's game rules, and the Forum rules. Do not exploit the market section by selling, or buying in-game items or accounts illegally. Selling and buying accounts or items for real currency is a direct violation of both the Forum rules, and Game rules. You will be permanently banned if caught violating these rules.

While it may be legal to offer in-game items as trade to a donator to have them donate for you, LOF will not be held accountable if the transaction fails. Gm trade assistance is available if such a trade is needed.

a.Trading LOF Items to game card load such as E-Points / D-Coins / Level-Up Points and alike is strictly prohibited since LOF items are virtual properties of LOF network only. If caught, you will be banned permanently in-game and forum.

b. Trading game items to other Talisman private server (DCT,PTO,TOC and alikes) is prohibited.( In-game or forums transactions)
If caught/reported, Seller/Buyer will receive the following:

Forum Transaction:
First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Infraction + 2 Weeks ban from the forums
Third Offense: Infraction + 1 month ban from the forums
*Following offenses will be the same as last stated sanction
In-Game Transaction:
First Offense: 2 Weeks ban from the game
Second Offense: 1 month ban from the game
*Following offenses will be the same as last stated sanction

11) Do not use other languages than English.If you want to do that, you can go to the Off topic section and provide a topic which is appropriate for your preffered language.If you host a thread in other language than english your thread will be moved to the right section. However if you post in your existing thread or other thread with a foreign language, you will be warned or infracted accordingly.

12)Forum Events will have a prize claim deadline.and that will be 10 days after the winner announced officially(forum event winners will be announced on activities and events section.Claim of prizes is through pm to the event handler).

*If the alloted time expires and the claimant or the winner failed to request for his/her prize, the prize will be null and will not be given unless he/she has a valid reason and with proofs.

Note:This rules are not permanent and it can be subjected to change or added furthermore if necessary without prior notice from the users.Thank you and happy gaming!!
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Forum Rules
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