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 LOF village

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PostSubject: LOF village   Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:07 am


       This guide is for those who do not know yet where to teleport going to LOF village,where you can buy purple set,shield and wings and accessories. Ok here we go.First thing first, teleport to star town.Then go to warzone village teleporter.[Warzone Village coordinate is 2100,-580].Teleporting to LOF village requires an amount of 10,000 gold.Here is some images for more info:


In LOF village, you can acquire purple sets which will make your character better.Attached here is an image of the item that you can avail:


To acquire those items.You should have the required reputation level.That's where you need the so called LOF repu pill. Here is an image of that:


I hope you learned something from it.Enjoy playing.Have a happy time.
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LOF village
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